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Dealer Enquiries

We invite retail and dealer enquiries from throughout the United States and other international locations.

To become a dealer and complete the necessary application form, please email us at:


Initial quantities as a dealer requires a minimum investment, proof of retail status, and a basic number of Hokey Spokes to be purchased (48 - Two cases any color combination).  For international markets, your Hokey Spoke order can be shipped directly from the manufacturer in larger quantities.

Instruction cards inserted into the package can be translated into any language but requires an order with a minimum of 1,000 pieces. 

Hokey Spokes make a great gift idea. Customers report excellent feedback on performance and interest from others.  As we extend the availability of Hokey Spokes throughout the world,  this may be an excellent ground-floor opportunity for you or your bicycle outlet.

Blades are sold individually, with the color indicated by a color “dot” located on the packaging. 


There are two ways to display the colors of your country.
You can order and display three different Hokey Spokes to reflect the colors of your country.

First, you can buy three different Hokey Spoke blade colors.
Mexico would be
                                (1) Green  (2) White and (3) Red.



Second, for special international orders of 1,000 or more, Hokey Spokes can be manufactured with special color combinations on a single spoke (much like the Rainbow Hokey Spoke) to reflect national colors - all on the same spoke!


Hokey Spokes can be displayed to promote national pride or reflect  college and university colors, too! There are many great opportunities to market this bicycle safety light to groups and organizations!





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